Eternal Hope Nepal Donated Help to school children in remote section


Chitwan :   Volunteers and leader s from Eternal Hope Nepal (EHN) held education classes and donated Notebooks and Bag packs to school children in remote section of chitwan Oct 8 to 12, as well as those living in the slums.

The organization also sponsored many fun playtime activities that includes games, dancing, singing, snacks and meals. The initiative was easy of (EHN) ’s humanitarian mission to give less fortunate children greater opportunities for learning, advancement and jobs. Dr. Usha Maharjan, President and founder of EHN, said “Dozens of children from the lowest cast have been mainstreamed into regular schools. With the belief they can make worthwhile contributions to Nepali Society instead of remain trapped n the cycle of poverty and despair”. Dr. Maharjan is investigating ways to employ local mothers or neighbors to prepare noon time meals for the children. Earlier in the day, Dr. Maharjan and volunteers met with slum children in a field to play games and learn school lesions with numbers and the alphabet. Thursday Oct 11, Dr. Maharjan and EHN Volunteers visited a slum area. Several Children in this locale receive monthly support from EHN Members and donors. A few of the children met their American sponsors for the first time. Quarterly, EHN holds health Clinic for slum children providing vitamins, health checkup and health education. Women literacy and skill training is conducted at ETERNAL HOPE NEPAL CENTER IN KATHMANDU.



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