Journalist women’s national meet concludes with 13-point declaration


Chitwan : The national conference of journalist women concluded here today, adopting a 13-point Patihani-Chitwan Declaration.
As many as 200 journalist women participated in the conference held at tourism city of Patihani on 30-31 January.
The declaration incorporating the issues raised by the participants at closed-door session has called for immediate implementation of the guarantee of 33 percent women participation in government media, commissions, committees, advisors, board and employees.
Demanding arrangement for basic and thematic training, the conference has urged the government create appropriate environment for professional stability for physical and professional safety.
Concluding that the perks and benefits specified by the Labour Act have not been put into action, the conference has also recommended mandatory formulation and enforcement of internal gender policy in media house.
The Declaration states that women participation has yet to be assured at policy and leadership level and drawn the attention of FNJ leadership to amend its statute for adopting direct election system and securing women to the position of either chair or general secretary.
The gathering also called for media the operators of most of the media house for adopting inclusive policy while appointing and promoting journalists.
The journalist women drew the attention of the concerned sector to mandatorily setting up a child care centre within a media outlet. They have also demanded an effective implementation and extension of maternity leave provision to five months. Referring to incidents of journalist women facing difficulties in their promotion prospects just for talking a maternity leave, they demanded an end to such practice.
The gathering demanded that the government brings additional development plans for East Chitwan while making tourism there gender-friendly. The draft committee formed to write the declaration is led by Durga Karki. Other members of the committee are Radhe Shyam Khatiwada, Suchitra Shrestha, Shanta Adhikari, Ganga Poudel Baral, Kamala Panthi, Rinku Mishra, Bimala Bhandari and Sanchita Ghimire.

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